Youth Development

Our association has been committed to nurturing young leaders with servant leadership. In recent years, with the theme of “Helping the New Era and Building the Chinese Dream Together”, many patriotic education activities were carried out among our board members, staff, members and volunteers. Besides, we kept offering support to the holistic development of children, teenagers, college students and young professionals via various youth programs.

1.Y's Men's Club

The Y’s Men’s Clubs are fellowship groups of YMCA members as well as close partners of YMCA itself. The Y’s Men’s Club of Guangzhou was founded in 1932 with the aim of promoting culture, cultivating friendship and serving the society. It has been a firm supporter to the social services of Guangzhou YMCA ever since. On March 10, 2012, the Club of Guangzhou resumed its service; and later on June 23, 2018, the Club of Yangcheng was founded.

2.The Guangzhou YMCA’s League of Volunteers

It has been advocated by Guangzhou YMCA that young people, in particular, should take the initiative to undertake the social responsibility, thus we established the Guangzhou YMCA’s League of Volunteers in February 2001. Since 2011, we have further extended the experience of the volunteer movement to the sub-districts that we serve by establishing or improving their community volunteer teams. The Guangzhou YMCA’s League of Volunteers has its executive committee, 8 service groups and 3 functional groups. In the past decade, each group has regularly carried out different forms of services for their specific target groups, with an average of more than 3,000 volunteers actively participating in the service every year. Besides, 6 guidebooks were made to improve the standardization of volunteer training and service. The volunteer awarding ceremony was held annually by Guangzhou YMCA during the past decade, awarding a total number of 3,000 volunteers, among which 4 received the honor of excellence for their record of more than 2000 hours’ service. We also recommended more than 300 volunteers to participate in the awarding contests at provincial and municipal levels.


Uni-Y focuses on "personal growth", "international vision" and "social responsibility", aiming to cultivate young actors with cross-cultural leadership, with GATN international volunteers, camp mentor training programs, IPAY domestic and overseas internship programs, and Ten Sing performances Various projects such as art troupe and youth volunteer team.