A community of compassionate people from all sections of society, YMCA of Guangzhou is a social-service organization with Christian and international features. Guided by the Christian teaching of “not to be served, but to serve”, the entity unites people of shared ideal who are committed to people’s, particularly younger generation’s development, the spirit of voluntary service, love-and dedication-centered organizational values, and a better society. At present, YMCA of Guangzhou pays special attention to social issues emerging amid China’s transformation and urbanization. It provides a variety of dedicated services to youth, vulnerable children, seniors, and migrant workers in an effort to promote community integration and social harmony, working for a Guangzhou blessed with happiness.

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World Book and Copyright Day | In the spring, the YMCA invites you to join us on a reading journey


"Study Party History, Keep to the Original Mind, Take on the Responsibility, Open a New Bureau" Party History Knowledge Contest on Shek Wai Tong Street is held today


World Down Syndrome Day | Because of you, a special integration campaign started in 2004 continues to this day

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