Dynamic news in January 2021

1、Carried out New Year care activities

We delivered rice, cooking oil, masks and other daily necessities to 200 poor families in Shek Wai Tong Street Community.For some families in need, we have provided services such as finding out hidden dangers, cleaning and Posting the Chinese character "福".Everyone created a clean and safe home environment for the community to celebrate the Spring Festival.

In addition, 20 college student volunteers from the School of Computer Science, Guangzhou University were recruited to help alleviate the problem of unassisted children in winter vacation through online homework tutoring.We have organized and implemented workshops for teenagers and children, such as hand-woven scarves and handmade New Year backpacks, to provide opportunities for teenagers and children to contact different groups, learn and communicate with people, and help them to have a healthy and meaningful winter holiday life.

2、Launched Guangzhou Charity Association Shek Wai Tong Street Community Charity Fund

With the approval and supervision of Guangzhou Charity Association and Guangzhou virtuous city Community Charity Foundation, YMCA of Guangzhou initiated the Guangzhou Charity Association Shiweitang Street Community Charity Fund was officially established on January 29.The community charity fund to advocate "all charity for all", aimed at around the community construction, assemble Shi Wei pond street within the public welfare funds, with little capital leverage big service, let multiple subject to participate in social management, to build the strategy of "charity, social workers and volunteers" samples of sustainable development, promote grass-roots community governance reform and innovation, to Shi Wei pond street residents to provide more quality services, to meet the needs of the community a better life, the power of guangzhou to create the city of "charity".

3、Organized youth service experience camps

With the theme of "Sustainable Development", YMCA Youth Service Camp was successfully held.During the five-day and four-night camp, 12 campers from Guangzhou and 15 campers from Huizhou participated in the "SDGS Model United Nations" workshop, the "Super Star Global International Market Trading" game and the adventure in Shuangjinwei Ancient Village under the guidance of 6 college student camp instructors.In addition, there were also "co-creation of performing arts classes", fun sports meetings, campus collective labor and family visits.

We mobilized enthusiastic members to donate 5000 yuan in cash to Huizhou Baipenzhu Central Primary School for the purchase of printing equipment, and also donated about 5000 yuan worth of materials such as schoolbags, stationery, shoes, socks and clothes, and puppet toys to the poor students.

4、Conducted employee trainings

Organized the staff to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 14th Plenary Session of the 11th Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, the spirit of the 6th Session of the 15th Guangzhou People's Congress, and the spirit of the 5th Session of the 13th Guangzhou CPPCC.General Secretary Guo Yun stressed that we should deeply study and understand the spiritual essence and rich connotation of the above-mentioned meetings, earnestly enhance our sense of political responsibility and historical mission, enhance our political standing, and give full play to our advantages and earnestly plan the key tasks of the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

5、Evaluated the annual performance of colleagues

According to "Employee Performance Appraisal Management System" and relevant regulations, we organized and carried out the annual performance appraisal of employees in 2020 in late January, aiming to improve the overall management level of all departments and the quality of colleagues, and motivate employees' enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work.

6、Deploied epidemic prevention and control work

We deploied epidemic prevention and control work, and carried out safety inspections, stressing the following three points:

Staff are urged to take personal protection, avoid crowds, reduce eating out, and encourage people to stay home for the Spring Festival.

Strengthen the dynamic management of staff, and know the situation of staff spending the Spring Festival or returning home.

Measures for epidemic prevention and control and fire control during the Spring Festival will be implemented.