Service in the fourth quarter of 2020


Five members of the project team of YMCA's "Hand in Hand Program" went to Ningdu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province to carry out on-site services, including pre-exam training for social workers, special training for volunteers, themed activities of the Double Ninth Festival of caring for the elderly, and promotion of the project of caring for special children.


YMCA of Guangzhou held a staff workshop on the theme of Autumn and Winter Epidemic Prevention and Health Emergency Plan Drill and First Aid Knowledge Training.


In Liwan Lake Park, YMCA Children's Robe Day of 2020 was held, special family visits were organized, and artistic photos of Hanfu were taken for children with Down syndrome and their parents.


Wang Dehao, member of the Party Group of Hangzhou Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs and second-level inspector, led Zhang Yaofa, president of Hangzhou YMCA, He Xiaoqing, president of Hangzhou YMCA and other 6 people to visit Guangzhou YMCA.


The 9th Community Service Seminar was held at Guangzhou Building.


Five the Shek Wai Tong Street Yang Cheng Home Service Station was inaugurated.


Organize the staff to attend the "Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Restoration of YMCA and YWCA" (online conference) with the theme of "Stick to the Chinese orientation and enter a new stage of development through innovation".


In collaboration with the Youth Association of Nuremberg, Germany, the online exchange activity of "Speak of Christmas Culture" between Chinese and German university students was launched.


Organized the activities of the "Whole Person Development" Youth Empowerment Programme in Guangzhou Oriental Museum.